Pastor Andrey Shapovalov «Jesus came to us in prayer» (02/17/24)
Pastor Andrey Shapovalov «Jesus came to us in prayer» (02/17/24)

«Jesus came to us in prayer»
Pastor Andrey Shapovalov


Today I want to talk about a prayer that happened during our revival in 1993. When most of the people had gone home, the few remaining decided to devote one night to worship Jesus. But what happened there, we were not prepared for this.

As we entered into deep worship, we all noticed that something began to happen to one girl, she told us, Jesus is asking me to let Him speak to us and use me, and she did.

When He began to speak to us, I was shocked that I knew Him. (As if I remember who He is for me and who I am for Him).

In my subconscious I always had the question: “how will I behave when I see Jesus?” or “how can I hug the man I just saw?”

I remembered that He is my best friend, I realized that my spirit is ancient and knows Him, and that I not only just met Him, I remembered who He is for me.

And while He spoke to us, my whole being reacted instantly, my sprit being, in an instant, cling to Him.

It's like two magnets that slowly approach each other and when they find themselves in the zone of attraction, they connect with each other in a split second.

At that moment, I experienced something that words cannot really convey. He was dearer to me than my own body and soul. It was something so dear and close, my spirit was simply in awe of it.

At that moment I absolutely knew that He was completely mine, He was captured by me and He wanted to be with me for all eternity.

Then I realized that my spirit and the spirit of Jesus are one and the same substance and my spirit wants to become one with the spirit of Jesus.

At that moment I realized that our spirit is same substance and this substance wants to be and remain together as one whole.

It’s like mercury, when in childhood we broke several thermometers and poured out the mercury, and in an instant the mercury became one whole and it was no longer possible to distinguish one part of mercury from another.

It is difficult for us here on earth to imagine what it is like to enter into someone or merge with someone, because we are in physical bodies and cannot do this, but in the spirit everything is completely different.

Understand that we are not meant to just be with Jesus, we are meant to be one with Him.

(1 Cor.6:17) He who is united to the Lord is one spirit with Him (NIV)

Many of us still cannot understand the fact that we have the same spirit as the Father, our souls and bodies are different, but our spirit is Part of the One Breath of God the Father, and Jesus is not only our Savior but the firstborn of us.

And it is our spirit that makes us brothers and sisters in the one family of God, it is the unity of the spirit that makes us one family.

Before this encounter, I thought that Jesus is not emotional, but more restrained, but how mistaken I was.

Family, Jesus really wants to feel us, be with us, laugh with us and cry with us, I realized that He doesn't just want to do it, He loves to do it, He can't wait to be with you.

My essence literally exploded from feelings and emotions, I was not prepared for that.

I realized that He doesn't just want to know me, He wants to feel me and experience me.
Please Understand, that He is waiting for our permission to invite Him.

I was surprised that I felt and experienced Him more than I heard Him, His love dominated, and His feelings captured me in a way that nothing on earth had ever captured me like this before.

I realized that I myself love to feel and experience my family, more than just learn information about them, and so does Jesus.

His love was so dominant that I didn’t see or experience anything else.
It was there that He conquered me forever, there was too much of Him and I wanted to create a place in me for Him, to accommodate more of Him.

There I realized that I am His universe, but there is so little room for Him in me, I directly saw how divided my heart is, and His heart is completely captured by me.

At that moment, I began to strongly condemn myself, but He stopped me and did not allow me to do this, telling me that only He is a righteous judge and only He can do this, but He chooses not judgment but love.

I realized that He knew everything, all my actions, right and wrong, and there was not a bit of condemnation or reproach in Him, He knew why I did this and He understood my imperfection.

I felt His love flow through my entire being, finding damage to my spirit and soul and instantly healing all of it.

I was shocked that I didn’t even need to open my mouth and say anything, He knew absolutely all the pain, all the wounds and all the damage in me.

As His healing Power moved within me, I witnessed Him find things I didn't know or even think about and instantly heal and restore them.

And this is my dream to bring His children closer to Him.

Please surrender to Him.

May our Heavenly Father Bless you!



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