Pastor Andrey Shapovalov "Out of Trend God" (05/04/24)
Pastor Andrey Shapovalov

“Out of trend God”
Pastor Andrey Shapovalov


As far as the Movement of the Holy Spirit is concerned, I am an old-fashioned person, I like to do everything exactly the way Jesus and the disciples did it, through fasting, prayer, spiritual warfare and walking in His Glory.

The Church of recent times has come up with a “Modern Gospel” that is easy and convenient, so that one can live and not strain, but at the same time it has lost the Victory, Power and Fire of the Holy Spirit.

I want you all to get out of your heads what you see and know, because it is with these “modern” methods that the church will not get anywhere.

Don’t you think that we are all running somewhere after some kind of Christian mirage, not realizing that Christ has long given everything to the church? We have deprived ourselves of Power and Glory, bypassing the principles of the Gospel.

It is interesting that the church of recent times relies more on money and clubs of businessmen than on intercessory and nightly prayers, fasting, humility and dedication. This is no longer modern.

We want to defeat the world with their own tools, the church has gone crazy trying to fight the world with the weapons they make.

I want to immediately disappoint you, we will never be able to do such concerts or performances as the world, because while you are catching up with what the world did yesterday, the world has already invented something completely new today.

(2 Chronicles 16:8,9) 8 Were not the Ethiopians and Libyans in great strength, and with chariots and horsemen very numerous? But because you trusted in the Lord, He gave them into your hand, 9 for the eyes of the Lord run throughout the whole earth to support those [whose] heart is fully devoted to Him...

While the lost church competes with the world to see who has the best lights, programs, shows and performances, Satan, smiling, continues to seize territory and destroy people. All we are pursuing is the real Power of the Holy Spirit. Our strength is in God on our knees, in spiritual warfare and in His Glory.

God gave us weapons a long time ago, and these weapons have nothing in common with what we saw or heard.

The Lord said: (Zechariah 4:6) 6 Then he answered and said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, saying, ‘Not by might or by might, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts.”

Remember the Walls of Jericho, Israel took them not by force, horses or chariots, but by the word of God and by faith, they were a laughing stock in the eyes of Jericho for seven days.

(Joshua 6:1-4) Then the Lord said to Joshua, Behold, I have delivered Jericho and the king thereof, [and the mighty people therein], into your hands; go around the city, everyone capable of war, and go around the city once [a day]; and do this for six days; and the seven priests shall bear the seven trumpets of jubilee before the ark; and on the seventh day go round the city seven times, and let the priests blow the trumpets; When the jubilee horn blows, when you hear the sound of the trumpet, then let all the people shout with a loud voice, and the wall of the city will collapse to its foundation, and [all] the people will go [to the city, rushing] each from his side.

Remember Gideon, three hundred men who completely submitted to the word of God and by Faith, with trumpets, jars and torches, won one of the greatest victories in the history of Israel.
Remember Elijah or Elisha walking in the Power and Glory of God, their one word decided everything.

The Church, deprived of the Glory of God, is trying to save it with its own strength and stupid programs, the methods of this world. The Church, deprived of the Glory of God, has simply become a laughing stock.

We need to go back to the old-fashioned gospel and that's it, back to what Christ's disciples walked in, and it has nothing to do with money, prestige, popularity or a new trend.

Everything was simple and clear, (Acts 1:8) But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the ends of the earth.

We move only by His Power and from His Glory!


May our Heavenly Father Bless you!


"Out of trend God" 90M

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