Pastor Andrey Shapovalov «Authority over the Atmosphere» (02/25/24)
Pastor Andrey Shapovalov «Authority over the Atmosphere» (02/25/24)

«Authority over the Atmosphere»
Pastor Andrey Shapovalov


Today I want to talk about what exactly is the Power and Authority that Jesus promised his children, and why we absolutely need it.

(Luke 10:18-19) 18 And He said to them, I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19 Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.  NKJV

Why are churches, Christians, ministries more like this world than their Great Creator? Because most of them have no authority and no power.
They have knowledge, understanding, salvation, but not power.

A small example.
Why no matter how cold a glass of ice is, it cannot continue to be cold, it will always succumb to the elements and the temperature of the atmosphere around it.
Or you sit at the hot sauna, no matter what you will do, eventually you will swet.

There are two methods for keeping water cold in a glass.
1). Try cooling the glass of water, using different methods.
2). Reduce the temperature of the atmosphere where the glass is located, and the water will always be cold.

That's what Jesus was talking about, I give you power over the atmosphere, not over a single demon or problem, over the entire atmosphere of the enemy.

The paradox is that the church spends its entire life trying to keep the water cold and never wins the battle because the devil knows the law of the spiritual atmosphere, and no matter what the carnal church will try to do, in the end it will succumb to the atmosphere of this world.

If demonic principalities, dominates the air (atmosphere) no matter how hard the church tries and no matter what they do, nothing will come of it. Remember, whoever controls the atmosphere (thermostat) controls all the elements in that area.

This is what is happening now with many churches, unfortunately.

Matthew 7:28–29 (NLT)  28 When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, 29 for he taught with real authority—quite unlike their teachers of religious law.

Why did Jesus say: stay in Jerusalem? Because He knew that if the atmosphere is not in the hands of the church it will end very badly for them, and this is exactly the pitiful situation we are seeing in Christianity today.

Stop fighting the effects of the atmosphere, we, as children of God, have been given the power to change the atmosphere of our cities.

That is why the Word says: (Matthew 21:13 NIV) and said to them: “It is written: “My house will be called a house of prayer,” but you are turning it into a “den of robbers.”

Why is the church weak and helpless? Because for the most part, the church no longer prays, and it has long submitted to the elements of the spiritual atmosphere, of this world.

American statistics show, that the most unpopular, insignificant and least attended service in the church is prayer.

Please understand this, by taking away prayer from the church; satan deprives the church of Power over the Atmosphere.

The Church continues its ineffective battle with the elements in the glass and will not understand that the war has already been lost and the real battle must be fought in preyer.

The Awakening and Outpouring of the Glory of God is a result of the Atmosphere captured by the church over its city.

This is why Jesus told the disciples to remain in Jerusalem and remain in prayer until the Power came down, in other words, power over the Atmosphere.

It is the revelation of power over the atmosphere that the church needs to receive.
This is our strength as God’s embassy on earth.

But, unfortunately, the majority of the church does everything possible except prayer. The church has become an expert in various programs, shows, presentations and entertainment, but not in prayer.

That's why our dream is to turn this house into a house of prayer, where people can pray day and night.

Our position as a Transformation Center is to dominate the atmosphere over our city.
You don’t need to go anywhere and convince anyone of anything, capture the atmosphere and everyone will come to you.

That is why we pray the prayer of Christ “Thy Kingdom come and Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven”...

This can only happen when the church has dominated the atmosphere and everything will change and transform.

May our Heavenly Father Bless you!



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